Founder of Atlantis Enterprises Inc., Vartan Shaljian, who is the former founder and CEO of DeVara LTD. re-entered the advertising industry once again in 1998 to offer his creative services to all distributors. Now, over TEN years of being a loyal supplier to all Promotional Product industry customers, Mr. Shaljian is continuing his excellent service of providing value and competitive prices to all customers. Having 30 years of international trade experience, we value all of our customers and their loyalty, but we are welcoming any new customers just the same way.
With all needed international experience, reliable sources, knowledgeable staff, Atlantis Enterprises Inc. will provide unbeatable prices and quality service to all of its customers. Our creative staff and endless international resources will locate almost any item, customize with your customers name-brand/ logo and deliver them world-wide. Don't take this from us only, but contact all satisfied distributors who value our service, prices and promptness from actual experiences. Our designers will help in creating any New item development from paper to pre-production proofs and then finished product, effortlessly.

Atlantis Enterprises Inc. holds several of its own custom created design patents and continues on with new creations non-stop. Developments of TweezLight brand products, internationally famed Lighted Tweezers, Tool-Light brand Hobbyist sets and our latest development of Magnet Lights, are only the few successful creations of Atlantis. Our goals are modern, practical and affordable for all market customers, but our success depends on all of our customers. These opportunities are offered to all of our customers to take advantage of our services and be ahead of competition. If you do not have up-to- date catalogs, brochures, sells sheets of our products and services, please complete contact link with your details and we will make sure to provide all details for your immediate needs.

As Five-Star rated ASI industry supplier, we look forward to all challenges and in better serving all of our customers for the next Ten years to come.
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